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Terms and Conditions

Booking Fees

In general a basic shoot fee applies for each shoot. Fees are charged by the ½ day or day. Overtime applies at an hourly rate.
Separate set fees apply for press calls or catwalk shows.
Work on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day is charged at double the normal rate.

Permitted use of photographs.

The models' image may only be used in the mediums, countries and for the duration agreed in writing, prior to the job taking place. It is the client's responsibility to inform the agency & negotiate a fee should the agreed usage be extended.

Location Bookings

A charge per mile is applicable to areas outside Belfast. Travel time is also charged to areas further than 30 minutes from Belfast.


If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, half of the fee quoted will apply.

Exclusion fees

A specific fee will be negotiated when the use of a models' image is required exclusively on a basis which precludes its use for competing products or services. A model can carry out assignments for any competitor unless an exclusion fee is negotiated. It is the clients' responsibility to check if conflicting assignments have been carried out.

Fashion shows

Clients booking models for fashion shows have the right to make use of the model on the catwalk at an agreed show. The client has the right to allow photographers/TV crews to film/photograph the show on the understanding that all such material from the show is used for reporting purposes only on the event in question. The client is responsible for ensuring that all photographers/crews are aware of this condition and
adhere to it.


Clients booking models for presscalls have the right to make use of the model's image to promote the product/service/event in question as a "one off" in local newspapers/trade magazines only. The client is responsible for informing all photographers involved, that the use of the shots by them or the publication by which they are employed, for any other purposes is strictly forbidden.


Any cause for complaint must be reported within 24 hours. Complaints made outside this period cannot be considered.

Invoicing and payment terms

Payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice. In all cases the person /company who books the model is the client who will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking.

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